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December 27, 2018

Although a lot more subtle than I had anticipated, getting a call that there is action happening in my little town, description was ” hey there is a serial killer being transported from the airport in Decatur in the morning,” don’t usually get a heads up on happenings, they just are and you go!

Convicted serial killer Samuel Little was being transferred back to California . Part of the rush is not ever knowing quite what to expect from the shoot. You go through all kind of scenarios from him breaking away and running to stealing the plane .

Well, upon a visual take of the situation all that changed, 78 year old guy in a wheelchair, a herd of law enforcement and other physical limitations ruled that out. Going with the flow of the energy, a meek settled individual that wanted nothing more than to be comfortable  and quite, ( far from what I would imagine a killer to be) I looked deeper to that mild energy and began as I would with a profile feature, looking for anything to distinguish his personality.

We never spoke but at a few points we made eye contact and I just did not feel any hostility or anger, could have been the years and wear and tear but just did not see murder. Maybe he had made friends with the past and had total remorse for his actions or.. .he was just really good at hiding his emotions and energy. My job was to capture what was there and that only so, I absorbed.

                            The Story…WCMessenger

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