The Winemaker

I have always loved photographing wine and people, put the two together and it doesnt get much better photo wise! 

I have photographyed Les Constable and his winemaking adventures in Alvord, Texas as the owner of Brushy Creek Vineyardsn since 2001.  I recently did a feature on Les' ten year anniversary at Alvord and this guy is always good for a great face and good strides, not to mention a couple glasses of great wine!

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A Koda moment

This is a very good friend of mine named Koda who was recently gifted an iPad for his birthday.  I happened to saunter by and there he was setting up his Facebook page. As you know, when these special moments happen, its best if your camera is in hand, set and ready to capture! Check out his new Facebook page!

In our photographic world light is our basic ingredient. The difference between a great, awesome or good photo is LIGHT and the placement thereof. Using light from an iPad or iPhone can create a dramatic effect, it's all about placement. In this instance, the available ambiant light along with the iPad light created a Zen effect for Koda to tap into his inner creativity.


An untold Story

10 months ago I captured this shot from the sideline on one of the first games of the year of Friday night high school football.  This shot never ran until now.  It was one of those bittersweet moments as a photographer where you get a nice action shot, but the price for the subject and the pain that it caused was far greater!

This was a moment that changed this young man's life forever, as well as many lives around him, including head coach and dad, Kyle Story.

You can imagine my excitement when I heard about the young Story's come back and Messenger's sports editor Richard Greene's desire to tell it!

Get the rest of the Story!

Making a Mess!



You've got to know how to handle disappointment. In the newspaper business bad leads are a given, dead ends are a certainty and deadlines might prevent you from putting all the pieces you want in a story together in time. But fortune follows the persistent. People are lucky for a reason. 

Last week, on a run through a couple of simple assignments, opportunities abounded. One thing led to another. Reporter and photographer stumbled through the jumble of the county and through sheer happenstance, managed to land, again and again, in the middle of good stories, interesting people and lasting images. You can't see the world from inside and you can't experience serendipity if you don't take a chance and put yourself out there and be prepared for failure.

 First shot of the day, reporter Brandon Evans finds himself the victim of a practical joke!

 Second was a great down home feature on organic garden, got a call from office, to Chico, Texas...


 ...Where Mayor, J.D. Clark, gives a great performance on moving the City office into the old elementary school. Told him we were looking for fireworks feature he said he had seen one coming into work this morning in Park Springs, but first...


...A stop at Wise County park on the way looking for a heat feature, this was first sight when we pulled in......enough said!



No more fun in the heat but saw this on the way out.......


....made it to Park Springs, however, on the way we had almost talked ourselves out of driving all the way out as it was going to run us close to our next shoot, a timed setup, and since it could be just another story about fireworks. Glad we went, turned out to be a different and great story!




Last shoot was a law enforcement training exercise at Chico middle school. It turned out to be a great day behind the lens and another lesson in trusting the Universe for guidance!




Big Twelve

The end of the school year brings the best of photos from Wise County Messenger's Sports Picks by sports editor Richard Green.