Big Twelve

The end of the school year brings the best of photos from Wise County Messenger's Sports Picks by sports editor Richard Green.

Closer look

Sometimes when the big picture gets overwhelming, I look to the smaller world and put blinders on to the largeness of everything! Just as a fine wine stimulates the senses of taste, the little wonders always seem to stimulate the palette of my mind!

More of my favorites


Wise County puffies

When I was covering the election couple weeks ago, in between shoots, as I was walking from one watch party to the next, the dark rolling thunder rolled in!  As far as essence of place, nothing does it better in Wise County than the Wise County Courthouse!  I'm not sure if nature was trying to give us a clue of things to come in the upcoming political year, or just another chance for me to put the new Nikon D4 to the test. The above was shot at ISO 3200, 1/40 of a second @ 4.5. Not uncommon anymore to shoot at high ISOs with full frame digital, and 3200 is not even that high anymore but it's still blows me away to see the quality this little black box pops out!


Making the wall

I started this thing several years ago and when the kids from local schools come in for a portrait shoot, it was a must for them to sign the wall. It took off slowly, then word got around and became a large hit, always fun to see kids get so excited about a simple thing!


One of the out takes below, Jordan is always ready to give her all in a photo shoot. I've watched this young lady grow into a awesome person over the years, not to mention a State class athlete, thanks for all the great photo moments over the years Jordan.


Little Slugger!

My favorite softball shot this year comes from the last game of the season during a rain delay! Mixing with the action behind the scenes sometimes yields far more than what's on the field! Moe Moss and teammate get future Chico Dragon ready for action.

This comes from moments in my favorites