Football unchained again!

The 2012 Football season started about a month ago with the arrival of the fall sports tab! I think this will be my favorite of all despite all the work put into it. 

Have to say the graphic artist spent even more time to make this one of the best ever.

I just enjoyed the creative side of lighting, the goal: create a dramatic lighting that separated the subject from the background for the graphic boys! From there we chose a second shot depending on the school and character portrayed!

Getting to know all these kids and working with the different personalities and picking the appropriate character was a challenge in itself!

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Good to meet you man!

I get to do a lot of features on different subjects. I think information or gathering of perspectives is the payoff in my field, so I run with the creativity when possible.

This particular feature comes from agriculture in the fact that grasshoppers have taken over Wise County! Two different species look as if they are shaking hands before a boxing match. 

From abstract creativity



Headed to a shoot last Friday, I rolled up on this.  I couldn't decide if the young man driving was doing me a favor by eliminating one more telephone pole out of my field  of vision or creating his own job security!

I thought it ironic that the trailer was carting a new pole!


The Winemaker

I have always loved photographing wine and people, put the two together and it doesnt get much better photo wise! 

I have photographyed Les Constable and his winemaking adventures in Alvord, Texas as the owner of Brushy Creek Vineyardsn since 2001.  I recently did a feature on Les' ten year anniversary at Alvord and this guy is always good for a great face and good strides, not to mention a couple glasses of great wine!

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A Koda moment

This is a very good friend of mine named Koda who was recently gifted an iPad for his birthday.  I happened to saunter by and there he was setting up his Facebook page. As you know, when these special moments happen, its best if your camera is in hand, set and ready to capture! Check out his new Facebook page!

In our photographic world light is our basic ingredient. The difference between a great, awesome or good photo is LIGHT and the placement thereof. Using light from an iPad or iPhone can create a dramatic effect, it's all about placement. In this instance, the available ambiant light along with the iPad light created a Zen effect for Koda to tap into his inner creativity.