Lemur moment


Looking for a different Halloween this opportunity presented itself at the CARE in Bridgeport, Texas last week. The Lemur is a funny little animal, kind of a cross between a spider monkey and a racoon with orange pumpkin looking eyes.  I found myself as curious about their nature as they were mine. These little furry balls of energy move like greased lightning so camera ready mode is a must!

This particular shot, due to the graphics makes it a addition to my favorites.  Looking for a different Halloween?  Go check it out.


Travel challenge

It's always fun to bring home a travel shot that abstractly covers the place you have just been.  Santa Barbra, California was the location, but this could have been any beach.

This was one of my three Favorites, the rest are located in Abstract creativity, a collection of my best on flickr.


Abstract of the week


Life on the Line

Life on the Line, latest in video.  This is a three part series about life as a train operator.  Sometimes it's looking at the other side of the coin that gives us the whole perspective.

Life on the line from Joe Duty on Vimeo.

The Stories

Part 3 

part 2

Part 1


Remembering, Wise County style

911, I still remember where I was when the planes crashed into the towers, it's just one of those things you never forget.

I wasn't working for the Messenger behind the lens at the time, but was still no less impacted.  I felt for the victims caught up in the tragedy of a tragedy wondering about the faimlies and loved ones that were unaccounted for.

One year later covered the anniversary of the event that shook a nation, it was felt from coast to coast and in the middle was Wise County America. The emotion that was evoked one year later was so moving I cant imagine being anywhere close to ground zero and the tragedy.

Today I got the feeling that so many people had either forgotten, weren't old enough to remember, or have just chosen to put it on the back burner because of the dramaticness of the subject. None of us want to think of the pain of yesterday and surely not celebrate, however, remembering the ones and events that shape our country is always important in life.

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