rumor has it

it's back! I have found in my limited travels that there always seems to be one thing that separates one town or county from another in its own unique way. For Decatur Texas and surrounding towns in Wise County think that would be the Wise County reunion. I'm not quite sure why but the reunion has always been one of my favorite events to photograph, I think it's the relaxed atmosphere, candid faces, too much food. anyway would does like to clear up a few rumors that I've heard over the past seven years. Nobody uses cell phones there. Everybody wears the same clothes for a whole week Fverybody Is now required to have a burr haircut. No pets allowed, especially dogs. The beverage of choice is a fine Merlot. You must be 6 foot tall to ride the Ferris wheel. only tofu and breadsticks are found at the reunion. the games of choice for the reunion, is croquet, and skeet shooting. Nobody is very friendly at the reunion. Creek front condos will soon be available. Nobody likes the carnival rides. you can only relate to the music if you're 70+. well there you have it folks, the latest in rumors about the reunion see you there. 7 years of reunion

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