No Words Needed!

For me the object of photography is to say all it's all in the image, if no words are needed, you've done your job. Little Nate's eyes say it all and guide you through the photo.

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A Moment of Tranquility

The tranquil moment of the week comes from the  beaches of northern California. Just south of Crescent city, California at the base of the redwoods, a lone gull looks for brunch.

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I Love Mistakes!

I mean those cool boo-boos that happen when you're trying to accomplish something photographically, not the puddles you step in barefooted while the new puppy is looking up at you. Granted this is a little weird, even for me, but if you're into that abstract, could be any rider motorcycle stuff, this just good work for you. It came at the end of the shoot for a friend and fellow coworker, After I got bored I begin to play. As for the new puppy, puddles could be a great name.

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Sports It Is!

The shooting of High School sports, which I shoot a lot of, is always challenging. The whole idea of shooting any sport, is all about the moment. Occasionally, I get to shoot Junior League or even beginners, which I find to be even more challenging, but by the same token more rewarding. This shot was done about four years ago for a friend of mine who was coaching and had a son playing on the team. This came at the very end of the shoot, after three hours in the sun, while trying to isolate busy backgrounds, and get a cool moment. I think the thing that makes this photo work for me, Is the individuality displayed in each one of the kids faces, but still acting as a team. D2H, 550MM. 200 ISO, f4

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Dawn's Early Light!

Working for a newspaper to go when you're called, sometimes there is an overabundance of light, sometime there is no light, and then every now and then the lights just perfect. This shot comes from a fire in Cottondale, Texas.D2H, 80-200, ISO 250, 1000@f9, post in Adobe CS.

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