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Last week's Supermoon brought back a rush of memories of chasing the full moon over the past years.

As I sat and waited on the bright yellow ball to appear at 5am, i felt at peace with nothing but the splashing of the waves on the shore at lake Bridgeport and the openess of the early morning sky.

Memories of getting my youngest son up out of bed at 4am and setting off to record the big yellow spendor, little did I know that those memories would fill me with smiles in the years to come as I think back over them.

The draw of the monthley miricale has pulled at me for years, staring at it for hours and wondering what's there beyond the surface, how can something be so spellbinding.

It started to seek me out whereevr I was and whatever I was shooting, so I would always cave-in and focus my attenrion to it's spendor. This image was a double exposure in the camera with two diffrent lenses, took within minutes. My obsession became localizing it and putting something in front of it rather than just the moon bye itself.

I'm sure I will always keep shooting, wandering and trying to understand this beutiful chunk of light.


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