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Halloween portraits

Halloween, one of my favorite two holidays all year. Every year try to give something a little more than candy, it's a win-win situation,  all of the participants get a free 5x7, and I get to work on my lighting skills, not to mention enjoy the energy of theHalloween moment!

This is probably one of my favorites this year, and that's very amazing in the fact that I really dislike Clowns,  I guess it was the fact that this little guy's energy totally matched his suit, and I have a feeling this fellow is pretty much a clown all year.

Photographically, the challenge comes in changing the lights on the fly to match the personality of the figure you're shooting. Several times during this three hour shoot people were lined up out into the street, But we made it a show and nobody really seemed to mind the wait.

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I think possibly one of the reasons I love Halloween so much is the fact that for one day a year people wear a mask that symbolizes how they feel about themselves, and it's clearly evident without having to wait for an emotion or a facial gesture to dig in to that persona looking for the real photo,

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Friggin' AWESOME!!

Thanks Jim

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