The traveling eye

For me traveling is a must to keep my eye sharp. when a photog is traveling everything is fresh and new,you are constantly looking and framing shots in your mind. This image comes from a extended stay in a NY while studying under the great Jay Maisel. Walked 88 miles in eight days took 4500 images and had a blast. Like a kid in a candy store I searched every back alley, bar, church, anything that pulled me. The people on the street was the real draw for me and interacting was spiritually filling me up.

For more favorites from NY


The ones that don't make it.

Imagine shooting a softball game, you have shot six innings with not much action or close call shots. then a Boyd softball player hits a grand slam to go ahead of Paradise girls and you think...celebration, here's my shot!


The next at bat, Paradise knocks in two runs to win the game, my celebration will not be used because it no longer tells the story. Bummer!



Same situation her at Sanger on Tuesday, Decatur dominated the first five innings and II've got a bunch of winning shots already running through my mind about witch one I'm going to send to the paper. And then...Decatur loses in the final out of seventh inning. the three hours I had spent earlier shooting in what seemed like football weather with a 30 MPH wind were useless to the gamer story. Double bummer.


Head -on collision

So imagine if you will... 12 hours of shooting day to day stuff for the paper on one of three press days and your tethering on the edge of I want the shot but I'm almost ready to be done. Then if you would have blinked you would have missed it entirely, my day was made in that split second. Although a heartbreaking loss for the Bridgeport Sisses, for this guy the action was nothing short of enormous. Congrats to the lady bulls on a great season.


The Faces

One of my two favorite events to shoot in Wise County. Reason... unlimited moments to capture, kids and animals magnify that immensely. Times of shooting are flexible, something is happening 24/7 for a whole wek so I'm able to work in other shoots during week as well. Then, there are the faces...



The search for Bison

While covering the icedown of Wise County and running around covering wrecks, fires, and looking for cool ice shots in genral, I got a tip that ther were some Bison on County road 407. I imagined this cool shot of a large animal hanging his head over the ice covered barb wire fence with fozen ice on it's ears and a white coverd pristine background, didn't happen, but...

As always, it's more about getting to the shoot and what you see along the way than the actual prize itself. 

I had a thought that the ancient animal would be gone by the time I arrived but wanting to get there as quick as possible just in case, I made note of all the stuff I saw on the way. No Bison but well rewarded for the effort, thanks Richard.