Last week's Supermoon brought back a rush of memories of chasing the full moon over the past years.

As I sat and waited on the bright yellow ball to appear at 5am, i felt at peace with nothing but the splashing of the waves on the shore at lake Bridgeport and the openess of the early morning sky.

Memories of getting my youngest son up out of bed at 4am and setting off to record the big yellow spendor, little did I know that those memories would fill me with smiles in the years to come as I think back over them.

The draw of the monthley miricale has pulled at me for years, staring at it for hours and wondering what's there beyond the surface, how can something be so spellbinding.

It started to seek me out whereevr I was and whatever I was shooting, so I would always cave-in and focus my attenrion to it's spendor. This image was a double exposure in the camera with two diffrent lenses, took within minutes. My obsession became localizing it and putting something in front of it rather than just the moon bye itself.

I'm sure I will always keep shooting, wandering and trying to understand this beutiful chunk of light.



Portrait and light

A collection of some of my favorites over the years. As a Photojournalist you get the oppertunity to meet and shoot diffrent subjects, Each one brings it's own unique chalanges, most of the time that comes in the form of lighting. These range from no extra light to on camara,one light balance fill light to multiple lights. I am a extremist by nature so I either want it to look like no light was added to overpowering the sun or available light, each serves a purpose. Although I love the simolicity of shooting just available light, I also like the challange of a large multiple light set up. The key...knowing when to use what method.



The Wall

So very lucky to have a job I love, so much the fact that it is my hobby as well. The begginning of my career 16 years ago at the Messenger prompted a new way of seeing and feeling about my work, thanks to a awesome editor and mentor, Skip Nichols. I started saving all my work as well as my son's, Cody Duty. Then... how do I display to do it honor ? Answer, do a faux wall in spare bedrom after the boys move out.

I have to say " leaving that wall was the hardest thing about selling that house and moving on". My love for my work is what keeps me looking and searching for that next great moment. The wall always served as a reminder to keep looking, enjoy every moment and do something you are passinate about, live for NOW!


New Nikon D850 autofocus

Continue to put new 850 through paces in autofocus. Initially I found the new AF setting baffaling but as I use more it has become a godsend so to speak. With the addition of focus pre-set buttons, the 850 has become the most focus friendly camera I have ever handled. In comparison to the D5 I have gotten higher % of sharp images with the 850 but only 6 frames as opposed to the D5's 11-14 frames.


From above!

After years of shooting in the same place but still loving what you do and looking for other ways to shoot it, I found it!

I always try to see from all angles as I go to a subjuct, nver really thought to much about high fro the sky because the Image qaulity and price just wasn't there yet. Well' now they are,( that is if you don't crash, I did, two times ) after several months practicing and passing my FAA certifacation we are on our way.

So... with a new tool in my photo arsenal I now always wonder what it looks like from above. In this photo this was about as close as I could get, and even if I had got closer, It would been just a shot of flames that could have been anywhere. However shooting from this angle afforded me the oppertunity to set a place in the scheme of things.