It's all about the colors

When you walk into a Friday night football game and see these colors, you know it's gonna be a great night. The contrast beteen the two teams makes focus work better, seperation of players, and overall more pleasant color compasition.


New Connect Cover " Tailgating "

When you meet that character that's gonna make the shot, you immediately know it. Such was the case a couple of years ago when I met Chris Greene. So much passion about any one thing usually carries over to all things, such was the case here. Chris loves his Dallas cowboys if that's not apparent, he also loves his tailgating and hanging with the crowd.

The Shoot:

After finding a random football field with no verbage ( Boyd, Texas) we commence to setting up the day of the shoot Two hours before the final shot, not intentionally but forgot to take in the suns position when i scouted it. Funny thing, the sun changes position in the lat and long category. So... with two hours it literally became a " tailgate photo party. " Why not have a little fun?



Inside the Frame, Finding a furry friend.

It was Nathan Floyd's fourth birthday Saturday, what better gift than your first puppy.

Empty The Shelter across the nation was last Saturday the 18th, in a effort to localize the event myself and reporter Brian Know visited the Wise County animal shelter. It's rare to get a assignment that's this rewarding photographically, and being able to lose yourself in just thinking about capturing the event. For a photojournalist our goal is to capture as much of the story as possible in a single frame, with a little anticipation of where the shot was gonna be and just a little luck I managed to be in that spot. The photo gods had set it all up, the light was just enough to open up the shadows under the tent, the volunteers where in the backgound smiling and most of all, the sheer excitement of Nathan's face while carting his first newly adopted friend.

Nikon D850, ISO 400, F5.6,SS 1/2000Balance fill flash @ 1/4th power.

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Guest Blog "here come the Boobies "


A horse walked into a bar one day...


...He really did. The Photo shoot for Welcome to Wise 2018 newcomers guide was the brainstorm of editor Kristian Tribe, it just popped out a brainstorm session and that was the idea everybody agreed. First was to get permission from Trinity coffee bar on square in Decatur. Given wood floors and the damage that could've happened I was very surprised he said yes! Next thing on the list was to find a Cowboy with a horse but not just any horse one that would be gentle enough to handle all the distractions. My first choice came to mind, Asa Johnson, a long time friend and real working cowboy. Asa and his horse " Noodle " fit the bill so perfectly as a direct opposite of today's world.

I was out of excuses, it was all on me now. Goal, get noodle in the bar and pop off a few flashes to get him use to the lights, I had decided to try to keep lighting as simple as I could given the nature of the shoot and try to recreate that old world light and still have enough watts to open up the shadows for Magazine reproduction. Main light  was a bare bulb profoto and pack set to half power on camera right, kicker strobe in back to open shadows toward the back door and ceiling.


After a few shots with no issues Asa sadled noodle and we shot some more imiages, slowly leading up to the final mounted postion. Then it came, the perfect pose, deciding I had it after checking sharpness decided not to push my luck and get noodles out the front door. Everybody involved breathed a sigh of relif and it was done. 

Thanks to all that helped, and a special thanks to Matt, the coffee bar owner, General Manager Jeremy Ottens, and news team at the Messenger.